Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ready,set,jump! Reuse #1

My idea for this blog and the shell of this blog has been around for much longer than this post, my first post of 1000. Why?
 1. TIME It is said that part of the creative process is paying attention to a hunch and letting that hunch or idea incubate. While beginning to process this so called transformation in education, again and again this blog seems to make sense. David Allen has a great quote: "Pay attention to what has your attention".
2. PROCESS Any creative project is by its nature unique and often without structure. Messy. So my first impulse was to try and finalise the format and nature of this blog before I put up any posts. Naturally no posts were happening. Now I realize I need to just start and work out the tangles as they come.
 This compelling quote from Stephen Pressfield's book, The War of Art  (via Maria Popava) grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me hard onto my scaredy butt and then picked me up again by the hand:
 "Resistance is experienced as fear; the degree of fear equates the strength of Resistance. Therefore, the           morfear we feel about a specific enterprise, the more certain we can be that that enterprise is important to us and to  the growth of our soul.”  

And that is why I have started a blog that revolves around a plastic milk container of all things.
So all right, all ready! So no drumroll, it's messy, it's ..but here it is.

Reuse #1 Milk Jug Igloo - A beautifully constructed igloo that reuses 400 milk jugs!!, costs under 30$ to make and provides a fantastic structure for school or home. This Squidoo site provides video instructions, educational tips and other examples of milk jug igloos.

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