I am a distributed learning teacher in British Columbia, Canada. In both an overwhelming and exciting time in our society, how authentic learning can and should be organized is being transformed. This blog has come about as a way for me to process and participate in a small way in the revolution of how we are learning in the 21st century.

As both a learner and teacher these topics have been surfacing the most for me:

Web 2.0 and its effect on learning and teaching:
In creating this blog it is my way to participate in using Web 2.0  to explore one's passions and  to experience this process firsthand instead of just expecting students to.

Creative Thinking
In the age of 21st century learning, being a successful creative thinker is a primary outcome that is constantly discussed. But what does that mean exactly? And can creative thinking be taught?

Critical Consumption
While we are increasingly turning to the digital world, it seems so important that we teach our children to not forget about the natural world and how our consumer driven society is affecting it.
So join me in my quest to compile a list of 1000 reuses for a thing by practicing creative thinking and perhaps promoting some awareness of our consumer habits at the same time. The "thing" is a plastic milk jug. I chose an object that pervades all of our homes and that could be a symbol of our consumption habits.


I made the goal "1000" as I wanted a number that I felt I could not possibly do on my own and that is where the collaboration part comes in.

Please submit your well-written idea, a story of your inspiration perhaps, and a diagram or picture to go with. Credit will be given where is it due.