Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reuse #7 Beach Toys

In response to my challenge in the previous post, and very timely for the hot July weather, here are some wonderful ideas for beach toys.  Thank you Claire!

"The category that I decided upon was 'beach toys'. 
- poke holes in the bottom and or sides of a milk jug--when you fill it up with water it sprinkles the water or dry sand like a shower head--you can also use it to sort larger items out of the sand
- cut the jug into a scoop using the jug handle for the handle of the scoop--you can now scoop up sand
- cut the top off the jug--the bottom portion can be used as a form for a sand castle--the top portion can be used as a funnel to pour sand or water through
- use the milk jug lid to make impressions in your sand creation.
Thanks for the challenge--that was fun :-) " 

How much better to reuse a milk jug at the beach rather than having milk jugs and other plastic end up on a beach as garbage.

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